Step 1:




Step 2:

The person who has shared Young Living with you – their details should appear here.




Step 3:



Step 4:

Here you have the option to add your ABN if you plan to do the business side of things,
You can add this information later so it is fine to select individual for now.




Step 5:

Be sure to scroll down and tick the box to accept the terms and conditions



Step 6:

The Australian market is the only Young Living market that has this awesome promo at the moment
If you spend 300PV in your first order then you get your PSK free!!
(300PV works out to be about $500 depending on what you choose)
If you would like to choose this option select ‘Essential Rewards’ here

If you would like to purchase the PSK only then select ‘Regular Order’



Step 7:

Here you can select which diffuser you would like with your PSK
If you would like the PSK with Ningxia or Health Homes starter kit, this is found under ‘Other Premium Kits’

Here you can also select ‘Continue Shopping’ if you were wanting to add something else to your order.
If you are purchasing the Healthy Homes kit I suggest adding on a ‘Thieves Glass Spray Bottle’ – search the product code: 19267


Step 8:

Last step is your payment details.
Great news is Paypal is now a payment option too!